Do You Want to Open a Dell Laptop Case?

A Laptop which is worthy of buying, Dell had proved its capability and work-load handling. This product is cheaper in rate and higher in value. The user has bulk choices to pick one of the most suitable. It has many models with different features and prize. If you are thinking to buy a new laptop you can opt for Dell at any stage, no matter if you are new to the laptop world. This is very generic product never show you bad path.

Here the experts’ team of Dell Support giving you some tips for, how to open a Dell Laptop Case? See technical gazettes have a big irony- It has the power to perform the hardest work in a few seconds and on the other hand if you will not handle it with care it can be damaged in seconds. Dell laptops are the perfect computer innovations. The user needs to handle every issue with care no matter it is big or small. Here are some tips points are given:

Dell Care

    • First, you need to make the system off (properly). By the button and plug out the entire power source, remove all the cords let the laptop free from all wires. Now start from battery. Pull out the battery cover carefully then remove the battery from the laptop.


    • Now the second thing is come to the “Hard Drive”, generally you will find it on the left side of the laptop. This is not a specified place you can check it because in some older models you require unscrewing the area to bring out the Hard-drive.


    • Now, unscrews the bottom case of the laptop. Check the system carefully and pull out every part carefully. Look inside to it and behave accordingly, never give unnecessarily force on any part. These all are made up of plastic and wire and the simple plate of iron. In the case of pressure anything can be broken, then you need pay high. The parts of any laptops are very expensive, handle it with care.


    • As you did with the screen part follows the same with the keyboard area. Always put all the open parts in a safe area. Check the system properly and follow the same path to pack-up the system. Once you get sure that you had done in a right way then restart the system.

These are ways to open the case. These are basically the instructions because your little mistake causes the big problem. Generally, it is advisable not to open the case in two terms- first if you are new to the laptop technology. Second, opening a system without any reason is a risk. If any user wants to know anything about the same they can contact the experts’ team of Dell on the given Toll-Free Dell Customer Support number +1-855-264-933.

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How to get a Snapshot on Dell Laptop?

If you seek to get a snapshot of a screen or any screen detail, you can do so on a laptop and Dell laptops are no exception to the rule. Like other systems of the same nature, these machines also entail a standard print screen button. In the Dell Laptops keyboards, they are present right beside the insert key. But keep in mind that the key is a multi-usage one. That means that the print screen function is not readily available. To that end, you have to press the “Fn” key while also pressing the “print screen” key. This process is no way tricky; it just takes some getting used to.

According to the experts of Dell Support Canada, once you get used to the entire process, you will be taking snapshots on your computer like a pro. You can accelerate this entire process by following the steps given below:

Get the screen in the way that you want: To get the perfect screenshot, you need a perfect subject. To that end, you must arrange the icons and other contents on the screen in a way which looks aesthetically pleasing and suitable for you.

Now that the stage is set, hold down on the function button: On the bottom of your laptop, you find the “Fn”. Generally, it is right beside the “spacebar”. Hold down this blue colored key.

Finally, take the snapshot using the print screen key: Just as you are holding down the “Fn” key, press on the “Print Screen” key. Release both the keys at the same time. Now that the snapshot is stored, go to Start-> Accessories->Paint and paste the screenshot using “CTRL+V”.

As you already might have guessed, the above steps are extremely easy to follow. If you encounter any issue while following these steps like an unresponsive “Fn” key or any other issue, you can contact our experts via the Toll-Free Dell Support Number Canada 1-855-264-9333. Our experts will assist you in any way that they can. As pro tips, you can use other third-party applications to take the screenshot as well. These tools entail other features such as picture editing etc. while they are not completely necessary, but it is something to consider.

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